Maryrose Galvez

Maryrose Galvez, Root & Sprig’s Co-Founder and Vice

maryrose galvez

Co-Founder, Vice President of Finance

Maryrose Galvez is Root & Sprig’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance. With 15 years’ experience in finance and accounting, including 10+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Galvez brings something unique to the table. Growing up in a large Filipino family, she celebrated holidays and gatherings that were always centered around tables overflowing with food. Maryrose’s passion for business and food was born at an early age when she began selling her mom’s homemade boxed lunches as a way to earn her allowance. With much of her family working in healthcare, Galvez has always had a deep appreciation for the significant work in which healthcare workers, often selflessly, partake. By collaborating to create Root & Sprig, a concept tied to such a meaningful mission, alongside a team that shares her same drive, Galvez is eager to align with a growing brand that combines both her passions and give back to the healthcare community.