Tom Colicchio and his team created Root & Sprig, a fast-casual concept with a deep commitment to elevating the role that food, hospitality and improved consumer experiences have in the healthcare space.

Meet The Team



Tom Colicchio, winner of 8 James Beard Awards and Head Judge of Bravo TV’s Top Chef, operates Root & Sprig. He is also the Chef and owner of Crafted Hospitality which operates full-service restaurants in New York, and Los Angeles. Outside of the kitchen he is an outspoken activist for the hospitality industry, co-founding Food Policy Action in 2012 and the Independent Restaurant Coalition in 2020.


Dan Guaricci, an accomplished executive with 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Root & Sprig. Having started as a busboy and worked his way up to serve as President prior to co-founding Root & Sprig, Guaricci has discovered the recipe for success. His soup-to-nuts experiences opening and rebuilding markets for brands across multiple states have certainly earned him a seat at the table and will prove crucial in leading Root & Sprig to national expansion. By leveraging the hospitality industry that he loves so much to better serve the healthcare industry for which he has a tremendous deal of respect, Guaricci’s passion project is more like “a dream come true.”

In speaking with many healthcare workers, including his mother (a former head nurse) and father (a former EMT), Guaricci noticed a common thread – the lack of healthy food options available to healthcare professionals during work hours. Guaricci recognized this as an opportunity to redirect his expertise of the fast-casual hospitality setting into the very deserving hospital setting, as a way to better serve the population that works tirelessly to keep us all healthy day in and day out. This vision has been the driving force behind Root & Sprig. Dan resides in New Jersey with his wife, Erica, and their three daughters, Ava, Emma and Olivia.


Maryrose Galvez is Root & Sprig’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance. With 15 years’ experience in finance and accounting, including 10+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Galvez brings something unique to the table. Growing up in a large Filipino family, she celebrated holidays and gatherings that were always centered around tables overflowing with food. Galvez’ passion for business and food was born at an early age when she began selling her mom’s homemade boxed lunches as a way to earn her allowance. With much of her family working in healthcare, Galvez has always had a deep appreciation for the significant work in which healthcare workers, often selflessly, partake. By collaborating to create Root & Sprig, a concept tied to such a meaningful mission, alongside a team that shares her same drive, Galvez is eager to align with a growing brand that combines both her passions and give back to the healthcare community.


Sarah Chung is Root & Sprig’s Director of Human Resources. Her 10+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry has landed her roles ranging from client services to Assistant General Manager. Born and raised in New York, Chung has been fortunate to enjoy an array of diverse cuisines, surrounded by family and friends. With her late grandmother having worked as a nurse and many of her friends still working as nurses today, Chung is passionate about making a lasting impact and contributing to the bigger picture. Chung’s rich passion for both food and people will serve her well, as she seeks to develop a team of individuals who are equally as passionate about making a difference in the world.


Judith Neyman serves as Root & Sprig’s Senior Training and Development Manager. With 20+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Neyman has held positions ranging from coffee shop cashier, to Quality Control Manager, to General Manager at the flagship location of Tom Colicchio’s, Wichraft, in NYC’s Garment District. From early-morning coffee chats with her grandmother, to discussing the day over dinner with family and friends, many of Neyman’s fondest memories are deeply rooted with food at the core. With Neyman’s godmother, an assistant hospital director, and cousin, a neurologist, both working in NYC’s healthcare system, Neyman is excited to serve the community that serves us by getting back to the basics and positively impacting the world – one healthy meal at a time.